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Yoshi Kunimitsu

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Our ensemble is a string Trio comprised of two violins and a violoncello.  We are all professional musicians and hold degrees from the College Conservatory of music in Cincinnati.  We offer a wide range of repertoire to accommodate your special day and our primary desire is to provide you with personal service and a touch of elegance. We can provide you with music for your ceremony, reception, or both.  We add elegance to a cocktail hour or dinner hour.

The Rosé Trio takes it's name in honor of Alma Rosé who was arrested and deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau during World War II.  Here is an abbreviated version of her story:

Shortly after her arrival at the concentration camp it was discovered that Alma was a violinist.  By sheer courage and determination she turned a threadbare musical ensemble of women into a viable orchestra.  She trained them, arranged music for the mismatched group and drove them, and herself, into exhaustion.  Gaining unprecedented stature, she saved her musicians from demise and obtained some privileges and favors for them.  Alma will always be remembered for all her inspiration.

Please contact Yoshi Kunimitsu for any inquiries about the Rosé Trio.

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